The Emerald Coast: an uncontaminated treasure

A natural beauty

La Costa Smeralda in Sardegna incarna l’;essence of natural beauty and sophistication. Famous for its crystal clear waters that fade from turquoise to emerald, and for the sun-kissed beaches, è un’;irresistible tourist destination in the heart of the Mediterranean. In addition to its enchanting bays, the Costa Smeralda boasts a fascinating history: nata da un progetto visionario degli anni ’;60, si è trasformata da una regione selvaggia in un’;icona dell’;high fashion, dell’;luxurious hospitality and refined culinary culture.

It is a place that gracefully mixes uncontaminated nature with a cosmopolitan spirit, welcoming travelers from all over the world seeking a luxurious retreat and timeless beauty.

The History of the Costa Smeralda.

In 1962, when mass tourism did not yet hit the coasts of Sardinia, a group of pioneers saw the potential of the unexplored beauty of this coast. Al timone di questa epifania c’;it was the London banker John Duncan Miller, whose keen gaze identified not only the beauty of the places, ma anche le possibilità d’;investment in hotels, restaurants and recreational services.

Miller assembled a team of determined entrepreneurs, tra cui nomi illustri come l’;Aga Khan, Giuseppe Kerry Mentasti (San Pellegrino), Patrick Guinness (beer magnate) and René Podbielski. This union not only gave birth to the Costa Smeralda, but it also guaranteed its protection from excessive urban development.

The statute that arose from this pact was a revolutionary act. Richiedeva che ogni progetto per la Costa Smeralda fosse sottoposto all’;approval of the Consortium's Architecture Committee, thus preserving the coast from wild overbuilding.

From that moment, the Costa Smeralda has undergone an unprecedented cultural metamorphosis. Mola Mountains, with time, si è trasformato nell’;iconic Costa Smeralda that we know today, witnessing a revolution that goes beyond mere tourism development: a history of preservation, vision and cultural transformation.


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