The Costa Smeralda was born in 1962 quando il turismo di massa in Sardegna non esisteva ancora nell’;isola.

It was the London banker John Duncan Miller who was the first to realize the beauty of the places and the opportunities that the beautiful uncontaminated coast would offer for those who could invest in hotels, Restaurants, Recreational services and more.

In breve tempo riuscì a riunire una “cordata di imprenditori” tra cui l’;Aga Khan, Giuseppe Kerry Mentasti (San Pellegrino), Patrick Guinness (beer magnate), John Duncan Miller himself and René Podbielski.

The history of Costa Smeralda it begins then, with a pact that allowed the coast - relatively - to be preserved from the wildest overbuilding.

As can be seen from the statute, all studies and projects relating to interventions in the Costa Smeralda area, dovevano essere sottoposti all’;examination and approval of the Consortium's Architecture Committee.

Da quel momento in poi una profonda trasformazione culturale ha fatto si che Monti di Mola si trasformasse nell’;current Costa Smeralda.


Smooth Red it is the longest beach on the Costa Smeralda, in fact called Long Beach, ma anche quella più attrezzata e frequentata durante l’;estate.

A long stretch of fine, white sand, surrounded by low Mediterranean scrub scented with juniper, it is the prelude to an emerald colored sea that will not make you miss the Caribbean.

The long stretch of sand turns north into small bays adorned with junipers and white lilies, which lead to two other small coves: Petra Bianca and Petra Niedda.


  • rental of deckchairs and umbrellas
  • canoe rental, kayaks and dinghies
  • cocktail bar
  • restaurants


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